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Ubuntu Box Initiative is an organic grassroots student-led organisation that seeks to transform institutions of higher education by developing and fostering university communities rooted in the principles of Ubuntu. Ubuntu Box Initiative was founded in 2017 in response to the divisions exposed during the higher education crisis in the university community between 2015 and 2016. Students across the country are eager to address the challenges and issues that exist at our various institutions of higher learning in meaningful and non-violent ways. UBI was created to fill this gap by harnessing the positive energy of students in higher education across South Africa. 



Building a strong social unit with common purposes through Ubuntu


Recognising our interdependence and oneness in all things


Embracing our duty towards creating and contributing value for social change.

Think differently

Commitment to challenging and transcending dominant worldviews and paradigms

Our Campaigns


UBI aims to use the Ubuntu Box Project as a launchpad for further projects aimed at unifying university communities. These projects will include Ubuntu Social Housing, Food Kitchens, Ubuntu Innovation as well as Zero-Cost Unity Campaigns. Over the coming years, we envision expanding these projects to universities across the country.


Contact Us

The Albert Luthuli Centre for Responsible Leadership Faculty of Economic and Management Sciences University of Pretoria Corner of Lynnwood Road and Roper Street Hatfield 0083
+27(0) 12 420 4271